Design Services

Custom outdoor design services to make your dream a reality

Polyforma is about more than products. 

Yes, we create cool contemporary planters and garden sculptures to bring life to Australian backyards. Beyond this, we also provide custom outdoor design expertise to residential and commercial clients who dare to dream about life on the outside. 

Our holistic bespoke design solutions offer personalised guidance so you can make your wildest ideas an everyday reality. Driven by design, we take a meticulous, artisanal approach to every project we undertake. We care about your comfort and the enduring character of your space. We believe you deserve to embrace a bit of luxury, and to enhance your home or business environment in order to maximise your lifestyle or your business productivity. 

We find delight in the detail of everything we design. We want you to love your home, garden or business, and to feel empowered by your carefully crafted environment. Whether you’re a DIY-er, an owner-builder, or you’re working with a trusted construction company, we get on board to guide you through the entire design process. 


We also collaborate with landscapers and other designers to form powerhouse design partnerships. 

Like our sister interiors brand SPACE PARADE, we’re guided by our “second skin” design principle. Solid foundations are layered with quality materials that are built to last, and can be refreshed or renewed with updated overlays down the track. This ensures our work is timeless, and the result is sustainably sound. Your space is flexible, so it stays on-trend, and grows with you over time. 

Polyforma is for the design-oriented homeowner, and the savvy hospitality or corporate business owner who shuns commonplace motifs. We design objects and spaces for life, work, play, rest, leisure and entertainment. Dare to be different, and demand the highest quality design to fulfil your dream.

Get in touch today to discuss your project. We love a challenge and we thrive on originality. 

Throw your ideas our way and let’s create something special together. There are no limits, only possibilities.