Giraffes and horses and dogs, oh my!

Giraffes and horses and dogs, oh my!

This is where it all started

Polyforma is a paradox — we’re the new kid on the block and yet we’ve been here for decades. We’re the fresh face of an established design stalwart armed with more than 30 years of industry experience.

We’ve always been a bit different. We’ve never seen the sky as the limit to what we’re capable of. We’re driven by design, and passionate about process. We live for storytelling through design, and delight in embodying our client’s brands while surprising our audience.

Polyforma Giraffe at Chadstone

With our elder company Casa Forte Group, and our cheeky little sister brand SUPERSPACE, we form an audacious design family who have worked with some of Australia’s most recognisable hospitality and entertainment brands. By marrying eye-catching aesthetics with form and function, we dare to create visceral objects and spaces where memories are made.

If you catch us at the 2024 Melbourne Flower & Garden Show, you’ll meet our charming faceted sausage dogs, who may be short in the legs but they’re big on personality! These moulded aluminium beauties are an attention-grabbing addition to any outdoor space, bringing wonderful whimsy to your yard in spades.

Before the fetching Fidos, we shaped some other incredible creatures for some dear commercial clients. Wowing customers in Melbourne’s busy Chadstone shopping centre is our stunning faceted giraffe. Standing 3.5 metres tall and greeting punters at the door to Archie Brothers’ Cirque Electriq, the elegant animal is made of ganvanised steel, and is hand-shaped by local Australian manufacturers to our daring design.

Meanwhile, we’ve also created several herds of faceted horses for Archie Brothers’ bars in both Sydney and Melbourne. Bursting from the walls, their busts sit astride the benches, captivating customers and embodying the personality of the Archie Brothers brand.

Horses at AB Electric Circus

Horses at AB Electric Circus

Never fear, we don’t just make fantastic fauna, we also design contemporary planters to stylishly contain your backyard flora. And we love to collaborate with residential and commercial clients to bring any weird and wonderful creation to life. From whimsical sculptural objects, to structural pavilions and functional interiors, we’re passionate about every design platform. The key for us is storytelling, and imbuing all our design work with emotion. 

Get in touch if you need Polyforma’s playful presence in your backyard. And stay tuned for the next adventure!

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